In addition to our everyday wine trading, Corkr Fine Wines now offer a Wine Portfolio Management service due to demand from clients.

We offer a professional but personal management service that allows our clients to use our expertise in the field to guide you through the complex area of Fine Wine.

Reason to Invest

Many of our clients have a variety of reasons for investing; some as an additional investment to stocks and shares, some to provide an income or lump sum for retirement, some to put aside to pay for school fees and some who just like to trade. All have the same objective and that is to profit from the Fine Wine Investment Market.

We understand that every Client is unique and each has different reasons for investing. We therefore introduce you to the benefits of the Fine Wine Market, ascertain what risk level of investment you wish to take, determine the type of Fine Wine holding you require and provide a tailor made solution.

Every client is provided with a personal Wine Advisor to assist you with buying wine, advising on how long to hold and when you should sell. We provide a discretionary service via phone calls and traditional face to face visits to get to know you the client, to understand your needs. We offer a service that is committed to a long term philosophy with the emphasis on quality and diversification. We listen, we talk and our goal is always to put you first.

Minimum Investment

We recommend an initial amount of £3,000+ to start building a Wine Portfolio, but you should look to add more each year, dependent on your investment objectives. The more monies put aside in building a Wine Portfolio will allow for a greater return over time.


Benefits of Fine Wine Investment

The Benefits of Wine Investment compared to the Stock Market are considerable. Wine prices react to supply and demand, when wine ages and is drunk, there is less available and the prices increase for the top vintages. If you had bought a case of Lafite Rothschild 2000 in 2010 at the market value of £10,400 you would in 2017 now be sitting on a case worth £17,200, an increase of 65%.

The Wine Market has seen prices rise by 61% over the past five years and by 231% versus a decade ago, outstripping diamonds, fine art and classic cars, according to Knight Frank’s newly published Luxury Investment Index 2017.

The Wine Market is less volatile and therefore there is less risk than investing in the Stock Market and is mostly unaffected by recession, inflation, interest rate increases. With the present market uncertainty in the financial markets, investors are now looking to diversify their money into wine as it is seen as a more stable market.

The returns from Fine Wine from the most sought after vintages have increased as much as 90% in value and an investor can expect an annual return between 15-25%.

Due to being tangible, Fine Wine can not only provide you with an excellent return, it can also provide you with enjoyment through drinking.

The Tax advantages are excellent compared to Stocks and Shares as the tax man see's wine as a wasting asset and therefore no Capital Gains Tax is paid on profits and if kept in a Bonded Warehouse can be bought and sold without paying Duty and VAT.


We charge a 15% portfolio management fee for each purchase, but do not charge commission when you decide to sell your wines so you receive the market price. (Wine Merchants will usually charge 10% of the selling price).

Example of monies you receive:


Traditional Merchant:

Buy price 2013 – Lafite Rothschild 2010 - £10,400

Sell price 2017 – Lafite Rothschild 2010 - £17,200

Wine Merchant Commission (10%) - £1,720

Client receives - £15,480

Profit - £5,080


Wine Portfolio Management:

Buy price 2013  – Lafite Rothschild 2010 - £10,400

Wine Portfolio Management Fee (15%) - £1,560

Sell price 2017 – Lafite Rothschild 2010 - £17,200

Client receives - £17,200

Profit - £5240

Wine Storage

One of the most important parts of Wine Investment is ensuring your wine is stored correctly at the right temperature and in the right conditions in order to command the highest price possible when it comes to selling. We store all client wines under your name at London City Bond, Dinton Woods which is a temperature controlled Customs & Excise Bond perfect for Wine.

Getting Started

To find out more how we can help you achieve your investment goals, please contact us and we will endeavour to identify your needs and provide you with a free proposal towards achieving them.