Release | Mouton Rothschild 2020

Release | Mouton Rothschild 2020

Alexander Nelson Roberts

“As smooth as Snoop Dogg’s flow, this is a marvelous Mouton,” said Neil Martin, who rated the 2020 96-98 points.

Popular first growth Mouton Rothschild was released yesterday. "Being priced at £432 a bottle, the 2020 is up 53% compared to the 2019 vintage, although the release is slightly over the Fair Value line, we think it represents good value as Mouton is popular and has received good appraisals, this vintage will surely have a lot of interest post release."

Amschel Meyer began making a name for himself whilst working as a merchant at “zum Roten Schild,” which eventually became the family name of Rothschild. In 1798, his sons set sight on owning their own Chateau, years later, in 1853, Chateau Mouton Rothschild was born.

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