Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur Offers All Regions

Similar to the stock market where the investor can buy futures, we offer the investor the chance to buy En Primeur, wine futures. We offer you the chance to purchase wines, when the wine is still in the barrel, before it is bottled and put on to the market. The benefits can be huge in that the price can be considerably lower than the price when it hits the market, but this all depends on the vintage and money can be lost if the critics do not rate the wine. Buying En Primeur wines that are bottled 3 years after the vintage has been declared, can be seen as an excellent alternative to long term investment if traded this way.

The Bordeaux 2018 vintage En Primeur campaign is soon to begin. We will add wines and prices when released.

The vintage is being heralded better than 2015 and on par with 2016, therfore Bordeaux 2018 is definitely a vintage to buy.