Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur Weather Report

The 2018 vintage is a legend in the making and is as good as 2016. It is a vintage that all regions produced good to excellent wines.


The 2018 vintage was a year of two extremes, very wet weather for the first half of the year and drought in the second half.

After a mild winter, the first few months were defined with storms and heavy rain due to depressions over the Atlantic, this filled up water reserves in the ground beneath the vines, which unbeknown to the wine makers, saved the vintage from being a disaster, when the drought hit from June through to mid-October.

 The damp cold weather conditions slowed growth on the vines, with mildew becoming a concern, but advanced treatment with fungicides and copper compounds (Organic vineyards like Pontet Canet) contained the problem.

 Flowering happened in late May, early June when the weather had a respite with warmer temperatures in the mid 20 degrees celcius.

.At the beginning of July the weather changed to the better with temperatures rising in to the early 30 degrees celcius. The high temperatures, clear skies and lack of rain allowed the grapes to grow plentiful (the largest crop since 2006) using the water reserves deep in the ground to survive the heat. The high temperatures continued through to September.

 The picking of the grapes for the white wines began late September and the grapes for the red wines; Merlot picked first, then Cabernet Sauvignon, were picked through to mid-October.