What is En Primeur? A Short Overview

Alexander Nelson Roberts

En Primeur is a buying method, but are you buying to drink or to invest? Whatever the answer, it is a massive opportunity when investing or drinking. You are buying early to get the wine at a better price, usually lower than release price, which is measured by the market and other factors, 12-18 months later. Most of the top Bordeaux estates release their wine En Primeur, but what are the benefits of buying Wine at such an early stage?

  • Buying En Primeur wines is a way for Investors to make a profit, as the wine is more exclusive and harder to get hold of once released. For example, Lafite Rothschild 2018 was valued at £3000 in 2019, however, it has recently been valued at £4200, which is a 40% ROI over the past 2 years.
  • En Primeur is a great opportunity for consumers, who enjoy drinking wine, to get their hands on exclusive wines and not wanting to pay released prices.
  • Consumers will not have to pay V.A.T or Duty on their wines, as long as they remain stored at the winery or at bonded warehouses in the UK. 

Our 2020 En Primeur campaign is now closed. Our Vintage 2021 offer will commence in May 2022.

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