What makes us different?

Corkr Fine Wines understands that every Client is unique and each has different reasons for investing. We therefore introduce you to the benefits of the Fine Wine Market, ascertain what risk level of investment you wish to take, determine the type of Fine Wine holding you require and provide a tailor made solution.

We are unlike the majority of Wine Investment businesses in that we stock Fine Wines, for we practice what we preach, that Wine Investment can provide exceptional gains.

We don't charge administration costs. We don't charge commission up front, but only when the wine is sold. We provide you with six monthly statements detailing the growth in your investment and information on the wine market for the period, wines you should be looking at and our expectations for the coming months. When the time comes to sell, you can be assured we will assist you at getting the best price for your investment.

We offer a service that is committed to a long term philosophy with the emphasis on quality and diversification. We talk, we listen and our goal is always to put you first.

We offer a totally transparent service, we give you our honest opinions and recommendations, but allow you to decide.

Benefits of Fine Wine Investment

The Benefits of Wine Investment compared to the Stock Market are considerable. Wine prices react to supply and demand, when wine ages and is drunk, there is less available and the prices increase for the top vintages. If you had bought a case of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2000 in 2006 at the market value of £4600 you would in 2019 now be sitting on a case worth £13,800, an increase of 333%.

The Wine Market since July 2005 to July 2018 has shown an increase of over 300% on the London International Vintners Exchange known as Liv-Ex, which tracks the top 100 wines, outperforming the FTSE and the Dow Jones on the stock market.

The Wine Market is less volatile and therefore there is less risk than investing in the Stock Market and is mostly unaffected by recession, inflation, interest rate increases and with the present market uncertainty in the financial markets, investors are now looking to diversify their money into wine as it is seen as a more stable market.

The returns from Fine Wine from the most sought after vintages have increased as much as 90% in value and an investor can expect an annual return between 10-25%.

Due to being tangible, Fine Wine can not only provide you with an excellent return it can also provide you with enjoyment through drinking.

The Tax advantages are excellent compared to Stocks and Shares as the tax man see's wine as a wasting asset and therefore no Capital Gains Tax is paid on profits and if kept in Bond can be bought and sold without paying Duty and VAT.

Wine Storage

One of the most important parts of Wine Investment is ensuring your wine is stored correctly at the right temperature and in the right conditions in order to command the highest price possible when it comes to selling. We would store your wine under your name at The Wine Tunnels Ltd in London which is a temperature controlled Customs & Excise Bond perfect for Wine.

Getting Started

To find out more how Corkr Fine Wines can help you achieve your investment goals, please contact us and we will speak with you to identify your needs and provide you with a free proposal towards achieving them.