We are very pleased to offer a selection of wine accessories perfect for the wine connoisseur:

Master Decanter - £30.00

A 'tour de force' by expert glass makers, collaborating with our own wine
professionals, as  created this unique decanter that is truly destined to complement your fine wine collection. For ultimate pleasure in presenting wines, this is the decanter to choose. 

Capacity 1.6L
Diameter 21.8cm
Height 21.6cm

Oval Decanter - £40.00

A genuine conversation piece and party ice breaker, this deco decanter, deserves oval-oval-decanterits place on any fashionable table where true artistry is properly appreciated.

 Capacity 0.7L
 Diameter 17.5cm
 Height 34cm 
 Handmade Glassware

Contemporary Duck Decanter - £35.00

Contemporary Glass Duck Decanter, modern version of the classic duck styled
 decanter. Easy to carry handle and smooth pour lip, this charming decanter holds all of the elegance of the vintage duck decanter.

Volume: 0.9L
Handmade, mouth blown

Malt Whisky Decanter & Set of 4 Whisky Glasses - £65.00

Fine single malt whiskys deserve nothing less than this handsome Kilchoan 
Collection. The reassuringly weighty decanter is complimented by four matching glasses that can only enhance that time-honoured whisky savouring moment.

Decanter Capacity 0.7L
Diameter 11cm
Height 21cm

Glass Capacity 0.2L
Diameter 7.5cm
Height 11cm 
Handmade Glassware

A World of Wine in 3 Glasses - £90.00

A shape for all reasons - from Estate bottled reds to Premier Cru whites, from 
Prosecco to Vintage Champagne, versatile Series Hi-Taste has a shape that promises to optimise flavour and enjoyment.

6 x Hi-Taste Standard Glasses, 33cl
6 x Hi-Taste Medium Glasses, 45cl
6 x Hi-Taste Magnum Glasses, 63cl

Sphera Wine Aerator - £16.00

SPHERA is sculptured from solid brass with a scientifically calculated ribbed design, 
then traditionally silver-plated. As the wine runs down the ribbed surface, it opens out to the air, accelerating aeration. Contact between the silver-plating and the wine creates a chemical/physical reaction that encourages volatilization of sulphur dioxide, a substance which is sometimes added to wine as a preservative, or can form naturally during the ageing process. Use with a decanter or straight into the glass for maximum wine pleasure! 

Decanter Funnel with Strainer - £15.00

Serious wine enthusiasts tell us they reach for this funnel when faced 
with a troublesome bottle. The curved spout 'spreads' the wine around the inner surface of the decanter for maximum aeration, greatly improving flavour. A fine mesh filter in stainless steel snuggles unobtrusively in the bowl, to capture unwanted residue. Filter slides out easily for rinsing under the tap.

Decanter Magic Cleaning Balls - £6.00

Put your washing up woes behind you with the nifty stainless steel decanter 
cleaning balls. Like magic, watch years of stains disappear.

To use, simply fill the decanter half way up with water and add the pellets. Give a hearty swill for a couple of minutes and watch the stains vanish. Bring your decanter back to its former sparkling glory. Reusable magic balls can also be used on vases, glass bowls, flasks and other everyday items!

Pot comes with a handy draining insert to drip dry the balls after use.

Legno Corkscrew in Gift Box- £20.00

Replicating the iconic Forge Laguiole design, this lifetime Sommeliers 
tool is top of most wine professionals' wish lists. Handles and feels like the Bugatti Veyron of the corkscrew world.

Doge Corkscrew in Gift Box - £15.00

Quality, sustainable, tiger wood handle married to an Italian-designed
opening action with presentation box. Editor's note: pronunciation - "dough-jay".

The Tasting Game - £20.00

Swirl, sniff, slurp and spit! Match the 'Aromas', 'Tastes' and 'Sensations' 
that describe wines JUST LIKE THE EXPERTS! The secret to Come Dine With Me success! Host a tasting or dinner party with a difference and see which of your friends has a 'nose' for good wine! 

Included in this game:

Professional Wine Tasting Spittoon
Blind Tasting Bottle Bags & Numbered Tags (1-6)
DropStop drip free pourers (6)
Pad of Score Cards with Taste and Aroma Guide (50)
Pad of Bottle Bag Record Cards (50)
Wipe-clean Challenge Board with Taste and Aronma Guide and Berol Pen
Player's Handbook