Carillon d'Angelus, 2nd Wine of Chateau Angelus - Undervalued

11 Feb 2019

Carillon d'Angelus is the second wine of Chateau Angelus.

Chateau Angelus was promoted to a First Growth in Saint Emilion in 2012. The estate has been gradually increasing in price with each new vintage, but the second wine has remained static until now. All other second wines are trading at a 40% premium and prices in Bordeaux are increasing. We believe now is a good time to buy this wine before it increases to the level of the other second wines.

You can buy Carillon d'Angelus 2015 at £433 IB

You can buy Carillon d'Angelus 2016 at £427 IB

For example the current trading prices of other second wines (6 x 75cl):
Petit Mouton 2015 at £1150
Carruades de Lafite 2015 at £1350
Pavillon Rouge 2015 at £890