Domaine de Chevalier only dates from the 18th century and the cultivation of grapevines only being significantly developed at Domaine de Chevalier during the 19th century. By the early 19th century the land, which now appeared as Chevalier on the maps, fell into disuse. Several decades passed before the land was to see the cultivation of grape vines again, and this came about as the estate was acquired by the Ricard family, successful barrel manufacturers from Leognan. The property stayed in the Ricard family until 1983, eventually under the guidance of Claude Ricard who had taken the reins in 1948 and who saw Domaine de Chevalier produce some of its greatest wines, both red and white, during the mid-20th century. Of 80 hectares there are currently 38 hectares planted up. The estate produces both red and white wines as per the 1959 Graves classification. The red varieties are 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and the balance is 2.5% Cabernet Franc and 2.5% Petit Verdot. The white varieties are 30% Semillon and 70% Sauvignon Blanc.

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