If you wish to store wine with us, we can provide storage in our Private Reserves account at London City Bond.

The benefits:

  • Own account name and account number.
  • Stock list available showing rotation numbers of stock and cost value.
  • Market valuations provided.
  • Stored in perfect conditions for wine.
  • Storage costs less than having your own personal storage account.

Storage charge:

  • 12 bottle case (9 litres) is only £15.00 per year
  • 6 bottle case (4.5 litres) is only £7.50 per year
  • Bottles charged at 6 bottle rate of £7.50 per year
  • From date of delivery to end of year.
  • Payment in advance at start of New Year for 12 months, no refunds for removing wines before end of year.
  • All storage charges must be paid before wine is removed.